We are a well established company located in Shah Alam, Malaysia. With many years of experience in the part handling industry, LST PRECISION has been developing and producing components for assembly automation in the working areas of feeding, handling and transport for over 20 years. We development and supply of solutions for flexible automation.

It has gained experiences that range from vast number of industries: electronic, automotive, electrical appliances, cosmetic, medical, mechanic, and food industry. By being settled in a global background, our goal is to provide suitable solutions for the current times, which means flexible, reliable, efficient and technologically advanced, just like our parts feeding systems.

Our solutions are designed according to the customers’ needs, aiming at guaranteeing efficiency, reliability and durability in time.

Design Philosophy

Why Choose Us?

Leader In The Production Of Vibratory Bowl Feeder Systems

LST PRECISION Company is a leader in the production of custom vibratory bowl feeder systems. Our innovative parts handling solutions improve customer processes and efficiency, making a difference for your company’s bottom line.

We designs and manufactures custom made Parts Feeding solutions to your precise specifications as well as providing a Parts Feeder servicing and re-lining service. This combined with onsite support provides our customers with the complete package.

We designing, manufacturing, and servicing Parts Feeder and also offer customers reliable, robust Bowl Feeding Solutions. Each Vibratory Bowl Feeder is custom designed to meet your specific requirements depending on the size and shape of components, the required feed rate and running time. The systems are also designed to minimize downtime, thus optimizing output.

The Highest Possible Level of Customer Service

One of our Unique Selling Points, is the time and trouble we take to ensure that your production line, and the bowls and feeding devices are designed in an optimum manner.

This often means visiting your facility and creating drawings and specifications for your consideration, prior to any orders being placed. Such is our dedication to providing the very best customer service.

Complete Range Of Services

We provide a complete range of services and equipment associated with Parts feeding components, from a standalone Parts Feeder to a complete Parts Feeding system providing supplementary equipment including vibratory linear feeders, vibratory hoppers and controllers.

Stainless Steel tooling is used on all Parts Feeders and can be internally or externally tooled to suit the components. External tooling can produce much higher feed rates and also increases the storage space in the bowl top for components.

Our Mission

The quality has always been of central important to LST PRECISION, with each employee commited to make their own personal contribution to the achievement of quality standards and customer satisfaction.

We understand that long term success in buisness can only be achieved by providing high quality equipment to fulfils the customer’s requirements.

Our Team