Your Vibratory Parts Feeder Specialist

LST PRECISION is a leading builder of vibratory parts feeder, handling systems and many other types of automatic parts feeding equipment since 2001. We establishing ourselves as a leader in the industry and we are global manufacturer of an entire range of vibratory parts feeder and related machinery. We design and build custom parts feeding systems and parts handling systems for manufacturers in electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, packaging, food processing, factory automation and many other industries where there is a need to automate the handling and orientation of component parts for high volume production. By using robust tooling practices, our vibratory feeder systems are constructed to ensure high efficiency during operations. Our great know-how gives us hence a complete control of our automatic assembly machines’ feeding.

Parts Feeder system speed up your production line. If you are running a production line where there is need to orientate small or big components, so that they can be correctly fed to into another part of the production process, then the chances are that you are using, or need a part feeder.

Precise and accurate distribution of the components is the basis for an efficient and economical automation of assembly lines and is therefore indispensable. The functions storage, sorting, orientating, allocating, positioning and inserting have to be performed quickly, safely and without damaging the product. We adapt our feeding systems to the complexity of the component’s distribution and to your special requirements while offering you a knowledgeable and personalized advice.

Our solutions guarantee a perfect integration while optimizing the material’s reliability and manufacturing costs

On-Site / Off-Site Bowl Feeder Service

We offer on-site / off-site support to service and upgrade existing bowls or to specify the design of new bowls. We also offer a relining service or will retool existing bowl feeder.
The range of our products and services provided by us includes:

Vibratory Parts Feeder

Vibratory Linear Feeder

Vibratory Bulk Hopper

Vibratory Parts Feeder Design with 3D and Specification

Vibratory Bowl Servicing, Relining, and Retooling

Vibratory Bowl Feeder Accessories & Parts